Here is my resource list for the research and analysis of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The list will be updated continuously. Your suggestions and donations are welcomed.

Andy Yee’s Bitcoin / Ethereum Addresses

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  • ETH: 0x10feEC5533822DD972Ee711fCcFbC3779febF245


  • BitInfoCharts: cryptocurrency statistics
  • Coin Metrics: open-source cryptocurrency analytics
  • Coin360: cryptocurrency market caps visualization
  • CoinCap: real-time market data
  • CoinCheckup: cryptocurrency research platform
  • CoinGecko: cryptocurrency quantitative rankings
  • CoinMarketCap: cryptocurrency market caps and charts
  • CryptoCompare: real-time market data
  • CryptoMiso: Github commit history of top cryptocurrencies
  • CryptoTrafficRank: list of top 500 cryptocurrency sites ranked by traffic
  • Messari: open data library and curation tools for cryptoassets
  • OpenHub: key open-source statistics of major cryptocurrencies
  • OpenMarketCap: an open-source alternative to CoinMarketCap with more context on data sources




Industry Consortia

Sovereign Digital Currencies

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Media Outlets

Commercial Research

Investment Firms

International Organizations

Think Tanks

Academic Institutions

Scholarly Journals

Career Opportunities